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Eye Movements and EEG

We are working hard at the moment (for reasons described here) at trying to separate EEG activity associated with the eye movements linked to a saccade from EEG activity associated with neural processing of the new visual information ‘obtained’ from the saccade. In doing this, we are hoping to build on some excellent research (e.g. here, and here) by Olaf Dimigen, Michael Plöchl, Guillaume Rousselet, Tilman Stephani and others.

We are playing around with new ways of looking at how the components we identify from an ICA analysis are time-locked either immediately to a saccade (which might indicate that they are artifactual, and to do with the muscular activity involved in generating the saccade) – or tend to peak a few hundred milliseconds after a saccade (which might indicate that they are genuine neural activity associated with processing the visual information ‘obtained’ from the saccade). We are also trying to design new eyetracker paradigms to differentiate the two.

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