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Plotted by mistake, kept because they’re pretty

Here are some graphs that I’ve generally plotted by mistake, but kept because I thought they were pretty.

Miro mistake plotted but pretty

I love my Miro so my eyes got a treat while I was working on this paper with Tim Smith on how children’s TV designs are optimised for babies’ eyes. It was made using the Matlab function imagesc – which is always a nice one for pretty figures.

Infant head relative to screen plot mistake but pretty

This plot shows infants’ head movements for the first 15 seconds or so of an experiment. It reminds me of a de Kooning!

Autocorrelation mistake plotted by pretty

These are some autocorrelation plots that I made. Guess what they remind me of!

Interesting EEG artefact rejection plot mistake

This is a plot that I made while working on artifact rejection for some EEG data. They show activity across different frequency bands for different individual electrodes. The big circles at 50.44Hz show individual electrodes that aren’t sitting cleanly on the scalp, which mean that they act like antennae and pick up 50Hz electrical activity in the air. After I plotted them I thought they were pretty!

Failed ROC curves plotted but pretty

Here are some failed ROC curves.

Multi-scale entropy plots

In these plots I was trying to calculate multi-scale entropy but doing it way wrong. Pretty colours though!

Pupil size change plots

These are some plots looking at changes in pupil size . They look like Fraggle hair!

Randomization check plot

This is another plot that I made by accident, when I was trying to see whether an experiment I was designing was correctly randomised. It looks like a Barbaro Hepworth. I actually use this type of plot quite regularly now – it’s a quick (and pretty!) way of checking the randomisation.

If you have plots that you made by mistake, but kept because they’re pretty, send me a link (Imgur is a good hosting service for odd images like this) through the contact page!