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Early Years Training

Sam has presented Early Years Training to over 50,000 Early Years practitioners, including the head teachers of over 2,000 primary schools and nurseries. He has appeared as a keynote speaker and workshop leader at early years conferences such as: the Early Excellence Annual National Meeting, the National Day Nurseries Association; National Childminder Conference; Barnardo’s children’s charity; Together for Children; Optimus Education; the International Association of Prep Schools and many more.

Dr Sam Wass presenting Early Years Training

Sam has also presented keynote talks and workshops in a variety of formats at over 40 local councils or Academy Trusts around the UK. Sam’s research has also featured in articles in the Times Educational Supplement, Early Years Educator, Nursery World, the Chartered College of Teaching and many others.

Dr Sam Wass presenting on enriched vs impoverished environment at Early Years Training

Sams’ Early Years Training talks and workshops present summaries of the latest, cutting-edge research into how childrens’ brains develop, and how children learn. This is a fast-moving field, with hundreds of important new research findings being published every year.

Sam can also lead discussions and present evidence-based tips and tricks about the latest ideas on how to work with children – concentrating in particular on concentration, and stress. He can also talk about how to help children (and teachers) cope with anxiety and stress during the current Covid pandemic. And he can discuss atypical development – including children with particularly challenging home backgrounds, as well as children with conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, anxiety and others.

Dr Sam Wass and colleagues

Some ideas for popular topics for presentations are given on the Resources for teachers page. But we’re always keen to hear new ideas and special requests! If you would like to discuss your project and how Sam can be involved, please reach out on the contact page.